The East Rail Line of the Eagle P3 Project is a 22.8 mile commuter rail transit corridor between Union Station and Denver International Airport (DIA). It will connect the Downtown Denver area with DIA and also provide a vital transportation link for adjacent employment, ­neighborhood and new development areas along the route.

  • Vehicle type: Commuter Rail – Electric Multiple Unit
  • Length: 22.8 miles / Stations: 7
  • Parking: 4,329 total spaces;
  • Proposed Frequency of Service (Rail): 15 min. (peak)/30 min. (off-peak)
  • 2030 Ridership: 37,900 – estimated average daily ridership

Service Times:

It will take 37 minutes to travel from DUS to DIA and will operate between 3:00a.m. and 1:00a.m. daily. During the peak travel times of 6:00a.m. to 8:00p.m., the railcars will run with a frequency of every 15 minutes. At all other times, the railcars will run at 30 minute intervals.